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wallpapers Kitana Baker the Most Beautiful Womanin the World top girls morenas lindas con grandes tetas

wallpapers Kitana Baker
the Most Beautiful Womanin the World top girls morenas lindas con grandes tetas

Kitana Baker (born on July 15, 1977) is a model and actress based in the Los Angeles area.

Born in Anaheim, California, and of Chinese, Hawaiian, German and Irish ancestry, Baker has appeared in numerous films, videos and television shows, and has worked for both E! and Playboy. She does most of her modeling for her official website, which she frequently promotes on radio (including The Howard Stern Show). Her biggest claim to fame has been her series of cleavage-intensive Miller Lite Catfight commercials with fellow model Tanya Ballinger in 2002. She revisited this role in an homage to the Catfight ads in 2007 produced by[1] She also played herself in the mockumentary Incident at Loch Ness, in which she is the only one who knows how to operate the sonar equipment and objects to having to plunge into frigid Loch Ness while wearing a g-string bikini. She had a cameo in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead as one of the girls on Steve's boat during the credit sequence.

[edit] World Wrestling Entertainment

Baker made appearances in two WWE PPV's:

* Unforgiven 2002 - where she played part in a 'H.L.A' theme that former WWE Raw Manager Eric Bischoff built up around that PPV. 'H.L.A' standing for 'Hot Lesbian Action', a spin-off from L.A.. Baker was taken out to the ring with Bischoff and a second lesbian and where scheduled to 'perform' 'hot lesbian action' with Stephanie McMahon, however it came to a close as Eric Bischoff had better ideas.

* WrestleMania XIX - In her second and final appearance in WWE she was joined with Tanya Ballinger who together reverted back to their roles as the Miller Lite Catfight Girls. It was here when Kitana with Tanya faced off against Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler in a Fatal-Four-Way Pillow Fight which took place to one side of the WrestleMania XIX stage. The match was originally scheduled to take place in the ring but Kitana and Tanya argued over whether they should 'settle it' "in the ring" or "in bed". It was therefore rescheduled to take place as a pillow-fight on a king-size bed.

* WrestleMania Teasers - Prior to WWE WrestleMania XIX, Kitana Baker with Tanya Ballinger were featured in spin-off commercials; similar to the Miller Light commercials but with a twist, they were arguing over who would win at Wrestlemania as oppose to the Miller Light drinks.

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